Pre-Employment Health Check -
Medical Staff

Since health care workers are required to keep close contact with patients or high-risk persons at work, their health are thus threatened. Therefore, the front-line health care workers should undergo regular health check, particularly some of the possible infection of the disease screening programs, including chest X-ray and hepatitis inspection to ensure that the physical condition meet the job requirements and they are not infected with diseases.

Responsibility of employer of medical institutions:

  • Ensure that employees meets the physical health requirements
  • Set up infection control measures to ensure that all employees have adequate personal protective equipment and provide a safe and healthy work environment to them
  • Recommend vaccination for employees to reduce the chance of infection
  • Encourage health care workers to understand their physical condition, in order to provide stable and safe service to the public

How do employers ensure that employees' health comply with health care work?
  • Provide "pre-employment health check." for newly-employed staff before work.

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Pre-Employment Health Check

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