Zoster Vaccine

“ZOSTER” is caused by the varicella-zoster virus which stays latent in the cells of the dorsal root ganglia after primary inflection (chickenpox) and upon reactivation. Therefore, people who had had chickenpox before are prone zoster. Areas where nerves connect with skin are also vulnerable to zoster. 95% of adults are at risk for zoster because they have been exposed to chickenpox. Zoster can stay up to 30 days, the pain caused are greater than what you expect.

The severity of zoster varies among different people, acute pain is the most common symptom of zoster but many people describe the pain caused by zoster is acute , intense, throbbing. Even if the rash subsided, you still feel unwell. Even a soft touch can also appear unusual sensitivity.

There’s no way to predict when the varicella zoster virus will reactivate and how severe any individual case may be, get vaccinated today to help reduce the risk for zoster.