Hepatitis Test

Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B (HVB) is caused by a viral disease. Virus can cause a lot of liver cell to death and damage liver function. Most infected people will become lifelong carriers of the virus and they will develop chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer in the future. According to statistics, about 8% of the population of Hong Kong is hepatitis B virus carrier.

Hepatitis antigen and antibody testing

(With virus)
Antibody Findings and recommendations
Negative(-) Negative(-)
  • Represent that an individual had never infected with hepatitis B virus
  • An individual can consider the hepatitis B vaccine to prevent infection
Type 2 diabete
  • If an individual has never vaccinated, and his/her body has antibodies, it means who have been infected is able to fully recover, and the body can produce antibodies, becoming a lifelong immunity
  • If an individual has received the hepatitis B vaccine, but have an insufficient number of antibodies, he/she can take the booster dose under the guidance of doctor
Positive(+) Negative(-)
  • Represent that who have been infected with hepatits B virus and the virus still remain in the body, then they need not to receive vaccination
  • Have the opportunity to transmin the virus to other people through blood, fetal water, sement and vaginal secretions
Hepatitis A (adults and children)
Hepatitis (Hepatitis A) is caused by the hepatitis A virus, mainly due to eating contaminated food, and it may cause fulminant hepatitis, and even death.
Personal Hygiene
  • Before eating or handling food and after using toilet or after changing diapers, you should wash hands by use of soap and clean water
Food Hygiene
  • Buy fresh food from reliable place and do not visit illegal hawkers
  • Drinking water should be tap water, and preferably boiled
  • Avoid high risk foods such as shellfish, raw food or semi-cooked food
  • Food should be thoroughly cleaned. Shellfish should be washed and rinsed in clean water. Viscera should be cleared if not retained
  • Food should be thoroughly cooked. All shellfish must be boiled in at least five minutes before consumpt
  • Keep the place and kitchen utensils clean
  • Proper disposal of garbage
When we go to China or Southeast Asia for business and travelling, we should beware of our eating and personal hygiene and avoid drinking contaminated water or eating street food. According to CHP guidelines for influenza vaccination, receiving Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines before departure are effective in preventing infection, so that everyone can have more fun when traveling and feel safer when eating.

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Hepatitis Test & Vaccination