Annual Health Check

Some chronic diseases (such as diabetes and hypertension), do not necessarily have obvious symptoms, but its complications would constitute a great impact on the elderly. If diseases are detected early, diseases can be controlled with appropriate treatment.
Health care workers will suggest a suitable health check depending on different medical conditions, such as family history, medical history, previous medical examination results, etc. If you feel unwell or find problems of deteriorated appetite, sudden weight lose, and changes in bowel habits and other unreasonable changes, you cannot ignore them just because of the normal result from health check report, since these are likely to be a harbinger of some serious diseases. Therefore, treatment should be taken as soon as possible.

What is the most effective way to stay healthy?

People should have regular health checks in response to their health records, family history and past health inspection results. They should also keep a healthy lifestyle, including no smoking, avoid second-hand smoke, keep the habit of exercise, a balanced diet and maintain a standard weight. These not only reduce the risk of diseases, but also help control some of the chronic diseases and maintain good health.

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