About Us

Kinetics Medical & Health Group Co., Ltd was set up in 2001, in order to satisfy the market needs of "Prevention of Disease" at that time. Hong Kong people usually neglect their health and family life while they are striving for their career. We hope we can arouse the masses' concerns for health by different ways, and achieve the goals of "Perception, understanding of disease and resistance to disease".

Kinetics offers the one-stop of comprehensive medical and healthcare service for the residents with clear vision as " Precise, Focus and Care.". We gained the recommendations of community individuals and organizations for many years. We are recognized as " Caring Company" by HKCSS for 13 consecutive years which satisfies Caring Company criteria in responsibility to care for the community. Also we are listed in the Quality Wedding Merchant Scheme presented by ESDlife and Hong Kong Productivity Council for 9 consecutive years, and the quality of our professional services is thus affirmed.

Having strove hard for years, Kinetics has been developing the scopes of services unceasingly.