Health Workshop

Nowadays, People in Hong Kong have stress and heavy workload but seldom to concern about health neither themselves nor their families. In order to encourage workers to concern more about health, we offer tailor-made "Health Day" or "Health Week" programs which according to the nature of work and requirements of the firm.

Our professional team provides on-site health checking, physical examination, with explanation of the contents of the report, vaccinations and health talks. .in addition ,We offer a wide range of inspection test items, the more popular items include pulmonary function tests, blood glucose testing, hepatitis B, ultrasound bone density test, a static ECG, physical fitness test, fat percentage screening, etc.

Through "Health Workshops", It is important for the employer to share their joy with their staff and delivering health messages among their employees , as well as developing a better relationship and healthy atmosphere at office.as employees can set aside their work and participate in health activities in a relaxing afternoon.

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